Cake Toppers

Whether you’re planning a milestone birthday, engagement, wedding, child’s birthday or any occasion for that matter – Little Birdy & Me can design a personalised cake topper that fits your theme and requirements perfectly.

All our toppers are available in timber or acrylic, with the acrylic being sourced in a wide variety of colours (see sample pic at bottom of page), making it ideal to match your theme perfectly.

We do however keep on hand at all times the colours black, white, pink, blue, red, purple, rose gold, green and gold & silver mirror, but can easily and quickly source other colours as requested.

When it comes to sizing, we can create a topper to whatever size cake you are planning on having.  We do however find that the most requested sizing and what we base our generic toppers on are the following:

So that’s it, there are the basics you need to know to get started.  All in all though, you will find our toppers can be as generic or personalised as you want them to be.  Below are links to some of our work so far and we would love for you to go check it out!




Other incl. Baby & Anniversary


PLEASE NOTE:  If you wish to order a gold or silver mirrored acrylic topper, the pricing for these is higher than normal acrylic and that is simply due to the material  price itself being greater and at times more difficult to work with.


Acrylic Sample Tiles
*additional colours in different brands can be sourced